Research in 100 words

Research in 100 words


Simple summaries for busy teachers.

In the staff room, by the photocopier, on the back of the toilet door!

I hope that you find them useful.


Common Myths:

Elaborative interrogation:


Using data:

Working memory:

Ability groupings:

Self regulation:


 Ask questions:

Check understanding:

Cognitive load:

Daily review:

Pair words with graphics:

Independent practice:

Provide models:

Scaffolds for difficult tasks:

Present material in small steps:

Retrieval practice:                         

Alternating solved and unsolved problems:

Beliefs about intelligence:       

Know facts:                                            

What they already know:                   



15 thoughts on “Research in 100 words

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  4. Absolutely fantastic Chris. Thanks

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these. An amazing idea to allow teachers the time to engage with research. Well done!

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  12. These are just great! Thank you

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