Chris Moyse

Chris Moyse is an education consultant with over 30 years of experience in education. A teacher for 18 years, he was a successful Head of Physical Education and went on to become a Teaching and Learning consultant for Somerset Local Authority. Chris now divides his time between running his own consultancy business, TLC Education Services Ltd and being Head of Staff Development at Bridgwater College Academy – Somerset’s first ‘all-through’ 3-16 academy. He was also the only associate teaching trainer with Ginnis Training Ltd – an education consultancy company led by the late, great Paul Ginnis, author of The Teachers’ Toolkit.
His work is focused solely on school improvement; mainly based in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 although at his own academy he does support teachers in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and has supported numerous primary schools now. Chris predominantly works alongside colleagues in their classrooms, helping raise standards by improving the quality of teaching and learning. Chris has now worked in over 275 schools nationwide.

Chris’ aim is…
to help schools, colleges and teachers translate insightful, inspiring and practical ideas about teaching and learning into effective practice by providing lively and interactive training and pragmatic and focused consultancy.

The emphasis of his work is on encouraging and developing teaching and learning approaches that…

  • deliver good exam results,
  • are rooted in evidence and research,
  • meet the needs of all students,
  • meet the rigorous standards demanded by inspection.

Activities offered include…

  • leading whole school training days
  • leading twilight sessions
  • engaging in longer-term consultancies with schools, departments, leadership teams, teachers and local authorities
  • developmental coaching and mentoring of individual teachers
  • presenting at conferences
  • providing customised courses
  • devising and delivering bespoke workshops

The courses and whole-school training days that Chris provides are always very well received and highly rated. They are active, engaging, informative and full of proven practical classroom strategies.

References available on request.



Apart from leading one-off training, Chris specialises in long-term consultancy, focusing on issues ranging from the quality of teaching to formative assessment, differentiation, classroom management, middle leadership and coaching.

While schools always report that Chris’s training sessions have significant impact, the most impressive improvements to practice and results are achieved through his longer-term partnerships with schools, individual teachers, departments and leadership teams. Chris’s senior part-time role at Bridgwater College Academy where he provides personalised professional development for the whole staff, ensures that his work remains ‘chalk-face’ and in touch with the ‘real world’.

Chris Moyse

If you would like to book Chris for a training day, twilight, consultancy day then please contact him…

  • through this blog or
  • email or
  • via Twitter @chrismoyse

Superb references can be made available from all my recently supported schools.

Competitive rates available on request.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “Chris Moyse

  1. Hi Chris, I hope you’re well. Could you drop me a mail – I want to check your availability for a half day INSET. Thanks, Nick Hackett (ex of Ansford Academy)

  2. Could you please email me regarding the possibility of developmental coaching and mentoring of individual teachers.

  3. Hi Chris, I hope you are well.

    Just a quick initial email to see whether you have any availability in November to possible deliver a full day’s session on pace, stretch and challenge. We have just had a no notice inspection here in Braintree at Alec Hunter and these were the two big areas we have to work on.

    I am currently looking at setting CPD dates for next year and given that you have done two excellent CPD sessions with our staff I was hoping to see if you had any availability around this time as I could potentially set the dates around this.

    I look forward to hearing from you, I tried to email yu but it keeps bouncing back.

    Steve Fox

    • Would love to return to Alec Hunter. My Ginnis email is now defunct after the sad passing of Paul Ginnis and the closure of Ginnis training. I run my own business and can be contacted at Have some availability in November. Would favour a Monday
      Cheers Steve

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