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The INSET with Chris was fantastic from start to finish, with many staff describing it as the best presentation and training they have ever received. Chris guided us through the benefits of coaching and staff were thoroughly engaged throughout, there was a tangible buzz around the room. Chris was a pleasure to listen to and the subsequent feedback has been incredibly positive, staff are now ready to embrace the coaching approach in September. Thank you Chris!

Andy Norrington
Assistant Headteacher – Director of Learning
Allerton Grange School



I have been on numerous leadership training sessions, having done a post grad qualification in management and one in teaching and learning with a whole year on leadership in schools; and this was by far the most inspiring and useful of the sessions I have attended. The perfect mixture of knowledge and time to reflect with our team about what we are doing.
Alice King, Assistant Principal, Sir Jonathan North Community College
I found Chris’s session extremely useful and felt much re-energised by the end of it.
Magda Moreton, Curriculum Team Leader, Sir Jonathan North Community College
The training was very useful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The time passed very quickly – “time flies when you are having fun”!
Mehnaz Rashid, Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented students, Sir Jonathan North Community College


Can I just say that we were absolutely delighted with Chris’s training. He delivered everything we hoped for and more.
Helen Hubert, Assistant Head, Oulder Hill School, Rochdale

imageMany thanks, it was a fantastic session with staff telling me that it was one of the best CPD sessions they had been to for a long while.
Steve Fox, Assistant Head, Alec Hunter Academy, Braintree

I just wanted to let you know that the verbal feedback from staff was exceptional – “the best CPD I have had since being at the College and finally I know how …” and more very similar. Thank you so much and we will be in touch regarding further activity.
Louise Taylor, Head of Quality, College of North West London

img_0391The inset on Friday was superb. Chris excelled and responses from the staff have been glowing.
Simon Cooper, Assistant Principal, Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney

Simply excellent! I have never known such a buzz amongst our staff.                               Heather Yates, Deputy Headteacher, The Snaith School, Pontefract



Thank you so much for delivering our training session yesterday. You got it exactly right in terms of challenge and yet making that challenge seem entirely manageable. We really appreciated your careful planning, your energy and commitment. I think I can confidently say that your delivery today is the best CPD that RHS has had in living memory. My staff are starting the term buoyed up with enthusiasm and new ideas; exactly what I wanted.
Charlotte Marten, Headteacher, Rugby High School

We all found it very useful. Comments were … “I could listen to Chris all day” and “I wish I had a little pocket Chris that I could carry round and consult when I need to”.
Sophia Wells, Professional Tutor, Frome Community College

imageChris has been instrumental in bringing about a long term, significant and high quality impact on the standard of teaching, learning and attainment at East Bridgwater Community School. Working very closely with individual teachers, Chris is responsible for ensuring all staff have their own Professional Development Plan which extends and develops each teachers professional capacities. His impact has been profound. Prior to his arrival, Ofsted visited the school in 2009 and noted that teaching and learning required significant improvement, by March 2011 they judged the quality of teaching to be ‘Good’ and still improving.

Improving the quality of teaching and learning lies at the heart of any plan for school improvement. Every school needs a Chris if they are serious about moving forward.
Peter Elliott, Headteacher, East Bridgwater Community School

The improvements in teaching are, in large part, a result of extremely effective whole-school and individual professional development, much of which has been provided and directed by the local authority consultant attached to the school for two days each week, working closely with the headteacher and other key staff. These improvements in teaching, which are embedded across the school, have had a significant impact in improving achievement.

picture1Your work has been so effective whether working with colleagues on a 1:1 basis, supporting faculty leaders or delivering staff INSET – you always find that fine balance between support and challenge with a measure of good humour to throw into the mix. I know your work will have a lasting legacy because staff have responded so positively and you have always promoted sustainable improvements not just quick fixes.
Judith Mee, Deputy Principal, Hans Price Academy, Weston-Super-Mare

He was worth every penny!
Jayne Gray, Assistant Headteacher, Lode Heath School, Solihull



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